Taste the goodness of everything by Kurasu - Kyoto (Japan).

Kurasu drip bags are filled with coffee all roasted in Kyoto, then packed with nitrogen flushing to maintain that gorgeous aroma of freshly ground coffee. 

It's super easy to brew with, and it's definitely a great alternative to instant coffee to up the game of quick fix to start the day or freshen up in the afternoon.

3 kinds of coffee, set of 5 in one package!

Kurasu House Blend Dark

Ethiopia Worka Wuri

Guatemala Las Brisas Nano Lot

Great way to try out different coffee, also perfect to share with friends and family!

This set includes 3 bags of House Blend Dark, 1 bag of Ethiopia, and 1 bag of Guatemala.

12g of ground coffee brews approximately 180ml of coffee.