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Grind Press Gift Set

Grind French press is a sleek and minimal design - made from stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

Superior Thermal Insulation - A double-wall of stainless steel keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature longer than

Convenient Cleaning - The plunger can be removed and taken apart for quick, easy cleaning.

Collaborative Design - Created in
partnership with “Grind” friends at Sjöstrand in Stockholm.

Two-Year Guarantee - Grind wants this to be your forever french press.

Hario Skerton + Ceramic Coffee Mill

Experience consistent grind size,
portability, and ease of use with this manual grinder featuring ceramic conical burrs for precision grinding.


Consistent Grinding Performance -  Achieve uniform grind sizes for espresso to French press with ceramic conical burrs.

Portable Brewing - Enjoy cafe-quality coffee anywhere, without electricity—just manual effort.

Quiet and Peaceful - Skip loud electric grinders for a serene morning ritual with this quiet, ergonomic design.

Convenient Design - Ergonomic and
storage-friendly; the handle detaches for easy storage and comfortable use.