Quick and easy, taste exactly like a Blue Bottle pour over.

Each envelope comes with five instant coffee. 

Unlike the conventional instant coffee manufacturing method, which can extract only about 30% of the original flavor of coffee beans, it uses a long-time low-temperature extraction method that locks in the flavor at once by slowly extracting at a low temperature for a long time and then rapidly cooling it. Blue Bottle succeeded in extracting all the original flavor of coffee beans.

Blue Bottle's instant coffee has been completed with a new manufacturing method while maintaining the same commitment to deliciousness.

A fragrant aroma and richness reminiscent of chocolate. It has a well-balanced taste that is delicious even when combined with milk.

Please enjoy fine coffee time. 

Each cup is individually wrapped in an aluminum stick, so you can enjoy the fresh taste and aroma without losing the flavor until just before brewing.

Ingredients: Coffee (Country of origin: Colombia)
Contents: 20g (4g sticks x 5 sticks)
Flavors: Cocoa, toasted marshmallows, graham crackers.

Recipe: Hot or iced
For hot, just melt 4g of the product in about 230ml-250ml of hot water (80℃) or add (5 to 8 ice pieces) to complete the iced.