Carter Move Mug

Dhs. 240.00

Blue Bottle new favorite travel mug. Maintains your ideal coffee temperature. Most likely fits your car cup holder. Doesn’t leak. BPA-free plastic and steel lid. Inner ceramic coating keeps your coffee tasting like coffee (no weird aftertastes).

Coffee-on-the-go that checks all the functional boxes, plus gives you that “put together” look. Kind of a Goldilocks situation. From Blue Bottle long-time collaborator, San Francisco-based designer Fellow. Hand wash with nonabrasive sponge recommended.




Splash guard prevents spills while you’re driving (or gesticulating wildly). Slim width fits most car cup holders. A dream for daily errands, spontaneous road trips, and everything in between.


No more lukewarm coffee. Insulated double-walled stainless steel maintains your drink temp for a staggering 24 hours. Because delicious drinks should stay delicious, even on the go.


One of those features you don’t know you’re looking for until you find it: ceramic interior coating keeps coffee tasting like coffee, never adding funky flavors.


What sets Neat apart from other coffee brands?

Neat is committed to excellence in every aspect, from sourcing premium beans to designing innovative products. Our focus on quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a brand dedicated to providing the best coffee experience.

Are Neat products eco-friendly?

Yes, sustainability is a core value at Neat. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and supporting ethical sourcing practices.

Are Neat products dishwasher safe?

While some of our products are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to prolong their lifespan and preserve their quality. Refer to the product's care instructions for specific details.

Are Neat products suitable for gifting?

Absolutely. Our thoughtfully designed products make for perfect gifts for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Whether it's a special occasion or just to show appreciation, a Neat product is sure to delight any recipient.

How often should I replace my Neat coffee accessories?

The lifespan of our coffee accessories varies depending on usage and care. We recommend replacing items such as filters and grinder blades regularly to maintain optimal performance. Refer to the product's user manual or care instructions for guidance on replacement intervals.

What makes Neat coffee storage containers unique?

Neat coffee storage containers are designed with precision-engineered lids to create an airtight seal, preserving the freshness and flavor of your coffee beans. Our containers also feature sleek and stylish designs that add a touch of elegance to any kitchen countertop.