"Blue Bottle Instant Coffee", which allows you to enjoy authentic specialty coffee anywhere and anytime, is now available in a holiday design. An eye-catching package with a pop design that makes you want to pick it up. After enjoying the mellow aroma that scents when you pour hot water, enjoy the flavors of cocoa, toasted marshmallows and graham crackers to your heart's content. This item is widely recommended not only for office and outdoor use, but also as a holiday gift for coffee lovers.

Name by type: Instant coffee

Ingredients: Coffee (raw bean producing country

Contents: 20g (4g stick x 5 bottles / box)

Expiration date: April 2023

Flavor: cocoa, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker

Recipe: Complete by simply melting 4g of product in about 8oz (230ml-250ml) of hot water (80 ℃)
Storage method: Store away from high temperature and humidity

Precautions for use: After opening the stick Please enjoy immediately.