Blue Bottle teamed up with scientists and engineers to create an entirely new dripper system that tells the coffee where and how to flow for the most delicious pour over imaginable. Precisely grooved porcelain walls retain heat during brewing. Flat bed ensures even saturation and extraction.

Blue Bottle Dripper's design ensures your first pour over will be delicious. Your one hundredth? Sublime.

Set includes a Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper and 90 filters.



Perfect Your Pour Over


Blue Bottle method is based on the capillary system in nature—like the way a tree moves water from its roots to its leaves. Forty interior ridges pull water through the dripper faster than gravity alone could.


Smaller and thinner than most. Flat bed creates even saturation and complete extraction, which means better taste. Porcelain walls retain heat effectively, so your coffee won’t go cold while brewing.


If flow rate is too restrictive: muddled coffee. Too open? Unpredictable. The 4.45 mm precision nozzle enables ideal flow rate. Look closely when pouring for a single thread of coffee leaving the dripper.