Milano Morning Coffee Bag Gift Box

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The timeless calm of Milan’s gothic spires and medieval castles contrasts with the deafening morning traffic, meanwhile the aroma of coffee whets the appetite as you casually walk along narrow cobblestone streets. The energy of this Italian city is distilled into a cup, accented by hints of bitter chocolate squares and sweet notes of melting brioche. Divine.


Bacha Coffee offers exquisitely roasted single origin 100% Arabica coffees from every producing country in the world. These individually wrapped, single-serve drip coffee bags were specially conceived to allow the full aroma of each hand picked coffee to produce a perfectly balanced cup.


Preparation Method:

Step 1: Tear open the sachet from the slit at the top of right side.

Step 2: Gently open the filter bag by tearing along the perforation.

Step 3: Hook the paper clasps around your cup.

Step 4: Slowly pour water heated to (95°C) over the coffee until you fill the cup.